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Cut Microgreens

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Freshly packed microgreens are ideal option for busier outlets that want quick access to harvested greens. Our most popular option is our mixed selection which boasts a diverse range of colour and flavour.

We use RPET (recycled plastic) containers to package our microgreens. This option has the lowest environmental footprint of any plastic packaging and is also fully recyclable.


It also has better thermal properties and is far more resistant to product degredation when stored for longer periods of time.

Living Punnets of Microgreens

You can select multiple options of microgreens in your living tray,  giving you access to multiple fresh flavours on demand.

x8 living punnets fill one full tray and keep in premium condition until harvested.  They can be kept in the fridge or on a bench, just as long as there is a little water in the bottom tray to keep they medium hydrated.

The microgreens in these small punnets are grown on a thin compostable medium which provides a clean, soil-less product which can be snipped & served when needed.

Display Your Microgreens


We can design and build wooden racks for those looking to display live trays of microgreens in their restaurant. Living produce on display communicates a sense of locality, vibrancy & freshness.


The wooden racks also provide an interactive element on the pass and allow the microgreens to stay living until they are harvested infront of the customers as the dishes are prepared.

The other alternative is to display them during service and then cut them at the beginning of the next. Rotating the microgreens this way minimises wasted produce and keeps them as fresh as possible .

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