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Our Story

How we started?

It all began with a want to sustain ourselves with our own home grown produce. Living out in Gibbston gave us the space to experiment and working at Sherwood gave us the vision and motivation to begin our project.

We figured if we were going to start a business, our primary focus would be on minimising waste whilst offering flavoursome and nutritional food options in our local area - Queenstown.

Traditionally speaking, fresh produce is normally distributed in unnecessary amounts of single-use plastic packaging. It was this that drove use to implement a circular economy system to reduce this element of waste.


All of our food containers (and produce trays) are incentivised to be returned. This not only reduces the amount of package waste in general, but also saves our clients pockets directly when you take into consideration the average amount spent on the services that collect landfill & recycling waste.

Our Project

Our evolution over the last year has taken us from growing in a glasshouse environment, into a fully converted shipping container with insulation, heating/cooling, ventilation, lighting and an autonomous watering system. We feel that creating a system that recirculates water and uses vertical area more efficiently, is a great way to maximise output using less space.

We are open to viewings so that we can educate and demonstrate how possible and productive smaller areas can be when it comes to growing food.


Our Direction

With a rapidly expanding population &  with increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, we feel that vertical agriculture,  innovative use of space and agricultural technologies will aid in the global demand for nourishment. Creating this controlled environment allows us to grow year round - with consistency.

We feel it is one of the most sustainable agriculture paths to invest our efforts into and in the near future we aim to integrate an Aquaponic system into our production. Follow us on social media to stay in tune with our progress.

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