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Local Artisan Produce

We are working with several local producers to help distribute more nutritious options available through our zero emission delivery service.


We deliver the below items for Wholesale & Home Delivery

Pink Oyster & Phoenix Oyster


Native Lions Mane - Pekepekekiore

Tawaka - Poplar Mushroom

Please enquire directly for prices


Remarkable Fungi is a local urban farm cultivating gourmet mushrooms. They produce year round in their climate controlled grow tents and innovative innoculation chambers. They harvest to order so that you get maximum shelf life and optimal freshness upon delivery. After recently receiving a QLDC waste minimisation grant, they are working to use discarded coffee grinds as a new growing substrate!

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Cornflower Petals (6g)

Calendula Petals (6g)

Chive Flowers (6g)

Please enquire directly for prices

EDF is a local business producing edible dehydrated flowers. Organically grown and sourced in the area, EDF innovated a dehydrated product which eliminates waste commonly incurred with fresh edible flowers which spoil quickly.

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Clover & Vipers Bugloss

Reforestation Trust


Arthurs Point Multi-floral


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Bee The Change offers a range of raw artisan honey produced in the Wakatipu Basin. Each apiary is harvested & extracted separately giving the distinct flavour of each location. Each purchase includes a donation to the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust in an effort to support the regeneration of our local flora.

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Are you producing something locally that could align with our current offerings?

Get in touch with us.

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