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About Gibbston Microgreens

"The main problem with the commercial sale of microgreens is how they are cut, stored and transported long distances before being consumed."


Gibbston Microgreens was established to give the Queenstown market a fresh and localised option.


We incentivise our customers to return the delivered trays & containers so that we can re-use them, eliminating the problematic amount of waste caused by unnecessary single-use plastics. Doing so, we have created a locally based, zero waste business that focuses on supplying the highest quality product with the smallest environmental footprint.


We produce a variety of microgreens which are delivered in live trays & punnets. The microgreens can be harvested when necessary or left on display for a visual and interactive element in the restaurant.


We recycle and compost all of our production waste and incentivise our customers to return the used microgreen trays and punnets, so that our business operates with a zero waste impact on our local environment. 

We charge a deposit on each punnet, tray or container to encourage our clients to return them. Doing this, we have eliminated a rewarding amount of waste and have motivated those who purchase from us to be apart of a circular economy.


We deliver to restaurants, grow for private catering events & offer discounted weekly orders.

Please feel free to contact us directly for any enquiries about our product.

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